How to voice train

From Crossing the Sacred Sea [Cruzando el mar sagrado] by Nathan A. Strait

  1. () How the voice persuades [p] [d]
  2. () Face and voice perception: understanding commonalities and differences [p] [d]
  3. () Persuasive power of prosodic features [d]
  4. () Anatomy of voice: how to enhance and project your best voice [i]
  5. () Louder than words: harness the power of your authentic voice [i]
  6. () Musicianship for the jazz vocalist [i]
  7. () Inner monologue in acting [i] [d]
  8. () A sonic geography of voice: towards an affective politics [d]
  9. () Finding 'real' [u]
  10. () Integrated practice: coordination, rhythm, & sound [i]
  11. () Thinking data with Deleuze [d]
  12. Jane Boston & Rena Cook [ed] () Breath in action: the art of breath in vocal and holistic practice [i]
  13. () Finding your inner voice through song: reaching adolescents with techniques common to poetry therapy and music therapy [d]
  14. Krzystof Izdebski [ed] () Emotions in the human voice [i]
  15. () Are real-time displays of benefit in the singing studio?: an exploratory study [d]
  16. () Adjusting your leadership volume [d]
  17. () The first person singular [i]
  18. () The expressive actor: integrated voice, movement, and acting training [i]
  19. () Dialogue editing for motion pictures: a guide to the invisible art [i]
  20. () The human nature of the singing voice: exploring a holistic basis for sound teaching and learning [i]
  21. () Vocal workouts for the contemporary singer [i]
  22. () The performer's voice: realizing your vocal potential [i]
  23. () The perceptual processing of vocal emotion [i]
  24. Robert Thayer Sataloff [ed] () Treatment of voice disorders [i]
  25. () The 8th habit: from effectiveness to greatness [i]
  26. () The 21st-century voice: contemporary and traditional extra-normal voice [i]
  27. () From discord to dialogue: internal voices and the reorganization of the self in process-experiential therapy [i]
  28. Aaron Williamon [ed] () Musical excellence: strategies and techniques to enhance performance [i] [d]
  29. () Sounds of emotion: production and perception of affect-related vocal acoustics [d]
  30. () Finding your voice: a step-by-step guide for actors [i]
  31. () To sing like a river—opening the voice [i]
  32. () Body, voice, imagination: a training for the actor [i]
  33. Rocco Dal Vera [ed] () The voice in violence: and other contemporary issues in professional voice and speech training [i]
  34. () Sound design: the expressive power of music, voice, and sound effects in cinema [i]
  35. () The singing and acting handbook: games and exercises for the performer [i]
  36. (/2009) Voice for performance [i]
  37. (/2007) Chanting from the heart: Buddhist ceremonies and daily practices [i]
  38. () The contemporary singer: elements of vocal technique [i]
  39. () Essential ear training for the contemporary musician [i]
  40. Leon Thurman & Graham Welch [ed] () Bodymind & voice: foundations of voice education [i]
  41. () Power performance for singers: transcending the barriers [i]
  42. Charles T. Snowdon & Martine Hausberger [ed] () Social influences on vocal development [i]
  43. () Populations in the U.S. workforce who rely on voice as a primary tool of trade: a preliminary report [p] [d]
  44. () Discover your voice: how to develop healthy voice habits [i]
  45. (/1998) Be heard now!: tap into your inner speaker and communicate with ease [i]
  46. (/2005) Make your voice heard: an actor's guide to increased dramatic range through vocal training [i]
  47. () Expressive singing: Dalcroze eurhythmics for voice [i]
  48. () Vocal exercise physiology [i]
  49. () Expression of emotion in voice and music [d]
  50. () Principles of voice production [i]
  51. () Training tenor voices [i]
  52. () The right to speak: working with the voice [i]
  53. () The radiant performer: the spiral path to performing power [i]
  54. () Awakening the hidden storyteller: how to build a storytelling tradition in your family [i]
  55. () Creating a character: a physical approach to acting [i]
  56. () Conversational performance and the performance of conversation [d] [j]
  57. (/1999) The voice book: for everyone who wants to make the most of their voice [i]
  58. (/2000) Voice and articulation [i]
  59. () The human vocal tract: anatomy, function, development, and evolution [i]
  60. () The structure of singing: system and art in vocal technique [i]
  61. (/1994) Cómo educar la voz hablada y cantada [i]
  62. (/1986) The rustle of language [i]
  63. () The voice within: love and virtue in the age of the spirit [i]
  64. (/1999) The voice in cinema [i]
  65. (/2009) Dynamics of the singing voice [i] [d]
  66. (/1985) The grain of the voice: interviews 1962–1980 [i]
  67. (/2002) Clear speech: practical speech correction and voice improvement [i]
  68. (/2006) Freeing the natural voice: imagery and art in the practice of voice and language [i]
  69. (/1990) Speak with distinction [i]
  70. (/1973) The art of singing and voice technique [i]

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